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Bony To Beastly Review: How to Gain 20 lbs of Muscle. Part 2.

By Posted in - How To & Reviews & Skinny Transformation & Weight Gain Progress on February 11th, 2013 21 Comments Bony To Beastly Review: Part 2: Skinny Transformation

Hi fellow skinny guys. This update is a bit late in coming. Previously, you saw how I gained over 20 lbs of muscle in my first Bony To Beastly review. It’s been a longggg several months now, but I finally completed the second phase of Bony To Beastly. (disclaimer: this is an affiliate link. Please […]

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My 2 Week Skinny Transformation Progress with Bony to Beastly ebook

By Posted in - Skinny Transformation & Weight Gain Progress on April 26th, 2012 4 Comments Skinny transformation progress after 2 weeks of Bony to Beastly

I’m really excited to update everyone on my progress so far. As you know, I’ve officially launched my quest to gain weight,  I’ve dubbed The Skinny Transformation Project. I’ve already also picked out a workout program, and went through and read the Bony To Beastly ebook. I had a first “preworkout” the day before I […]

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