Hi there! My name is Albert. I’m a skinny guy.

About the Skinny Guy Project blog.

This blog started out in the early spring of 2012 as a way for me to keep a journal of my endeavor as a prototypical skinny guy to gain weight. In its current state, this is the second version of my blog. The initial website had several of my posts that unfortunately has disappeared when I migrated to a new web server. So, I’ll also be ‘retro’ blogging some of my old posts back into this site.

I wanted to make my goals and dreams public. I wanted everyone to know that I was motivated to shed my “skinny guy” label once and for all. I figured by blogging about it and putting my face out to the public, it would be the ultimate motivator to hold me accountable and not give up. I would be accountable in going to the gym after a long day’s work. Accountable for pushing satiety and having another snack before going to bed. And accountable for digging deep for that extra rep when the burn of my muscles became almost unreal. Because I bared myself to the world, and the last thing I wanted to do was show that I was a failure.

I’m proud of the progress I’ve made so far (at latest count, up 32 lbs in weight) and would have been at least a little bit skeptical if current-me told past-me about the gains I would be able to make. Now, I want to do more than merely keep a running journal about my workouts and weight gains and instead want to impart and share with you some things I’ve learned over the past few months from a wide variety of resources and knowledgable people.

I want to share with every skinny guy out there, struggling and unhappy with their appearance in the mirror, all my recipes, tips, and tricks to get the most out of your workouts to put on weight. I’ll also be inviting other fellow ‘hardgainers’ and ‘ectomorphs’ to share their stories about how they were able to finally fight their own skinny genetics to bulk into muscular ‘beasts’ themselves.

The personal life

I grew up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It’s the southern most point in Canada, and actually geographically located south of Detroit, Michigan. Imagine that. We often joke that Windsor’s a suburb of Detroit. Actually, whenever I hear the song by Journey — Dont Stop Believing, and he sings that he was a city boy born in south Detroit? Well, I laugh and imagine him being one of my neighbors and fellow Windsorites.

From there, I’ve made stops and lived in London, Ontario, Des Moines, Iowa, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I think that’s quite an odd mix of locations.

I think I’m a mix of your typical geek mixed with wannabe-famous cool guy tendencies. I love to play video games (PS3 and PC). I wish I were a famous sports star, in the NBA perhaps. But I’ll settle for playing in pickup basketball and volleyball leagues throughout the year. I love reading the news, especially the science and nature articles. Love it when they discover new animal species. It’s fascinating. I get caught up in the politics scene every 4 years. I spend too much time in front of my computer (when I was in college, my roommates and I would IM each other on our laptops while we were all sitting in the same living room.

I LOVE TO EAT. Cheap buffets, all you can eats, crab legs, steak, any kind of meat, Thai, Italian, pizza, pasta, baked goods and casseroles (so thankful for my significant other to introduce these last 2 foods into my life!)

I have a really cool manly puppy. Nope, not a doberman or pitbull or rotweiller. Cooper is a 40 lb crazy scruffy miniature goldendoodle. You’ll see cameos of him sometimes in my photos when he just can’t help but photobomb.

The professional info

I’m currently a pretty busy guy. I’ve been a ‘busy’ person since I was 18 when I took my first job. I guess keeping busy keeps me out of other trouble :).

When I was 18, I took a summer job doing woodworking and cabinet making in a factory under broiling hot un-airconditioned conditions. I marveled at the other coworkers; strong muscular dudes in their tank tops who could lift heavy doors and cabinets over their heads as if it were nothing. Yep, I was skinny teen, and despite 90 degree working temperatures I still wore long baggy T-shirts because I was too embarrassed for anyone to see my skinny frame.

When I was in college, I had dabbled in weight lifting off and on with minimal weight gain. I put on maybe 10 lbs, but was still stick and bones. I envied the ripped jocks in the gym, the guys who were there on athletic scholarships to play football or basketball. There I was, still a skinny guy, and wondering how I could ever devote enough time to gaining weight when I had to constantly cram for mid-terms and finals.

Nowadays, I’m a primary care doctor in family medicine. One of my passions is helping my patients with a life style change. Be it trying to lose weight (quite the polar opposite of what you and I want to do!) to fight obesity or quitting smoking, I honestly believe that everyone can make a change in their life if they have 3 things: 1) The motivation to do it 2) The proper knowledge on HOW to do it and 3) The support system to keep you on track and encourage you to do it.

It makes my day when I’m able to reach out and help someone get on their way to achieving their goals. I get so much satisfaction when my patients come back to me to tell me that they lost their first 5 lbs that I usually give them high fives! When I reflect about how they were able to do it, I started to self assess. I’m no different from my patients, it’s just that my goals are different. I had the motivation to transform my body and put on weight. I just needed the proper knowledge and support! (Lightbulb moment!). Once again, this blog is my way of sharing the things I’ve learned and to motivate and support you, just as others have taught me and supported me in my goals.

I hope you’ll find my blog helpful and stick around and return! I really still have to pinch myself once in a while when I look down on my scale and see the changes I’ve been able to make. I hope my experience both personally having gone through a skinny guy transformation and as a health care professional will serve you well and get you on your way to packing on the pounds as well!

— Albert

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