Bony To Beastly - 12 weeks - Skinny Muscle Front

Bony To Beastly Review: How to Gain 20 lbs of Muscle. Part 2.

Bony To Beastly - 12 weeks - Skinny Muscle Front
Hi fellow skinny guys. This update is a bit late in coming. Previously, you saw how I gained over 20 lbs of muscle in my first Bony To Beastly review. It’s been a longggg several months now, but I finally completed the second phase of Bony To Beastly. (disclaimer: this is an affiliate link. Please click it for more information straight from the Bony To Beastly website, and if you end up purchasing the program, I get a small commission back to help pay for a couple packages of beef jerky to snack on!). I had to take a few months off for a few reasons you’ll read about below, but now I got back on track and have gained over 30 lbs since last year.

How to NOT gain 20 lbs of muscle (aka How to resort back to being a skinny guy)

The last time I left you, I was really proud about my muscle gains. I was doing well. Transforming my skinny physique. My girlfriend didn’t think I was thin anymore and was starting to really enjoy grabbing my arms because they actually felt bigger! I was a svelte 151 lbs with all the optimism in the world and looking forward to more muscle and weight gains. Skinny Transformation Project was in full force. Then it happened. It’s an excuse we can all easily fall into…a little thing called LIFE got in the way. Things got way too hectic with my life and I ended up taking a whole SIX months off of working out. No bulking meals. No working out. No weights. Here’s what happened in my life and led me to lost about 13 lbs that I gained. So in six months of inactivity, I dropped from 151 lbs to 138 lbs. Here’s my own collection things to do to NOT gain weight, and in fact lose the muscle weight you’ve gained:
  1. Get into a moped accident. Sustain some gnarly road rash. Become a baby about the pain and use it as an excuse to not go to the gym because your knees hurt. Luckily I didn’t break any bones, but my poor knees have some hypertrophic scarring now as battle wounds.
  2. Moving houses. All the packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, rearranging. Who has the energy to do all that and cook a nice nutritious meal, nevermind finding the time to consume 3600+ calories?
  3. Vacationing in Europe. This would actually be a great example of how to LOSE 30 lbs. The meals and portion sizes there are smaller and more expensive. Elevators and escalators are foreign. Two feet and a heartbeat is the most common form of transportation. Staying in tiny hotel rooms without American style guest gyms to use. Once again, more convenient reasons to not eat, workout, and get huge.
  4. Get slammed with work. I had some success early on in the first phase of Bony To Beastly balancing work with life and my skinny transformation. But then I endured a 2 month period where work just got TOO hectic. I was regularly working 50 hours a week. The most extreme example was one 2.5 day stretch where I worked a 14 hour shift, went home and napped for 3 hours, woke up at midnight, then proceeded to work 30 hours straight. Yep, I had worked 44 out of a possible 47 hours, after already working 36 hours in the few days leading up to that. I seriously had 2 real meals over that stretch. I probably had a negative calorie deficit of 6000. Sad.
Bottom line is that I lost motivation during this period of time, and used everything as an excuse.

A New Year brings new motivation to gain (back) weight

Ah, what miracles a flip of the calendar can do for you. January 1st signifies big changes, and for many people its the start of another cycle of New Year’s resolutions. For me, it was time to get back into the program. This next 5 week block of the Bony To Beastly workout program really builds on the skills and habits I learned way back in Phase 1. With all this time off I had in between, I was only just a little bit nervous about jumping back into it full speed. But I was surprised that despite losing 12-13 lbs of weight, my strength never really decreased. I learned the proper technique to do variants of full squats and deadlifts, and found that getting back into these exercises wasn’t all that difficult at all. The memory in my muscles was still there, as doing these lifts with proper form seemed like second nature once again. Just like riding a bike, they say.  This is one part where I really now fully appreciate all the time and effort that was put into the Training  Videos in the Bony to Beastly members forum.
Bony To Beastly Program - Instruction videos
It’s like having your own personal trainer to help you gain weight.
I seriously love, love, LOVE these training videos. For every single exercise in the Bony To Beastly program, there is a video clip demonstrated by the fellas on how to properly perform the lift. They also include “nuggets” or “cues” on things to focus on during the lift to ensure you’re doing it with correct form. Many of these lifts I’ve never done before Bony To Beastly, so it’s really nice to see a good example of what I’m supposed to be doing. Before each phase, I’d spend some time basically studying the lifts. And as I said above, I’ve gotten comfortable with them with repetition that they now feel second nature and I can feel the right muscles being worked. My only small suggestion to the Bony To Beastly crew is if you’re ever thinking of modifying the videos, for some of the more difficult lifts, having a view from 2 or more different angles could help demonstrate it a little bit better. But as they are now, they definitely get the job and point across. Much better than trying to search on YouTube for some other grainy poor quality demonstration video.

Heavier lifts, heavier weights, leading to a heavier skinny guy

This five (or in my case, six) week stretch of the Bony to Beastly program was focused on one thing: building sheer size and strength. The hand-holding from the first phase is long gone and in place is a focus on lifting heavier (yet still with perfect form). I really psyched myself up with my workouts. After doing a tough set of squats, I’d really feel the blood, energy, and sweat. Not to mention winded as it felt like my whole body was just put through a ringer. Good thing they didn’t have me doing high repetitions this phase, as the lower number of reps allowed me to push the limit of my weights. By the end of this phase, I felt pretty proud of myself that I was able to lift 165 lbs on the Romanian deadlift with good form. (I know, that’s really light for all those other mesomorph / bodybuilders out there) while also seeing across-the-board increases in my strength on basically every lift in this phase.

Results of 6 more weeks of Bony To Beastly: Total gain 20+ lbs in weight

Bony To Beastly Review: Muscle Gain Progress

As you can see in my measurements chart above, in just about 6 weeks I was able to gain over 10 lbs (14.1 lbs to be more precise) to regain all the weight I lost, and then some extra on top for good measure. When I lost the weight, it looks like I lost most of it from my upper body as my leg measurements were for the most part, stable.

And now with the “After” photos. Sadly I wasn’t able to take any photos on December 31st before I re-dedicated myself. I actually think that in these photos, even though my actual weight and measurements are pretty similar to when I finished Phase 1 of Bony To Beastly, I don’t know why but I think I look a bit more athletic and fit. The definition in my muscles seem to be better and I overall look healthier and more filled out.

Bony To Beastly - 12 weeks - Skinny Muscle Front
Before and After – Skinny Transformation to Muscle – Bony To Beastly Review. Sorry for the slightly different perspective angle, I tried to match it up as closely as I could.
From this front shot, as expected there isn’t much obvious difference from the end of phase 1 when I was 151 lbs compared to when I finished Phase 2 at 152.6. Mayyybeee I could make a slight argument for improved definition in the abs?
Bony To Beastly - 12 weeks - Skinny Muscle Front
This shot shows a bit better definition in the back.
Alright, now I think this photo shows a difference between phase 1 and 2. I think my back, while being about the same size, looks to have a bit more definition. The line right down my spine really makes my paraspinal muscles pop out. The dreaded IYTs from phase one make their return, but in a tougher variation, and combined with new Romanian barbell deadlifts I think really helped make my back more aesthetically pleasing. Bony To Beastly - 12 weeks - Skinny Muscle Front   Shoulders look more rounded from the front view! There’s more shape to the anterior portion of the deltoids here. I’m somewhat amazed because the only shoulder dedicated exercises this phase were lateral raises and external rotations. Raise your hand if you were like me in years past, trying to get any growth out of the shoulders at all, slaving away with military presses, front raises, side raises, and raises from everywhich angle. I’d never really had any growth like this before. Also from this photo I think you can notice a trend of an area that needs improving and is lacking behind other areas of growth, and that is my chest. I can definitely feel more size to my pecs, but that still doesn’t mean a whole lot when you’re still basically flat chested. I know there’s a method to all this madness, but there seemed to be more lower-body centric exercises over upper body. There weren’t too many exercises that solely promoted pec growth besides some pushups and dumbbell press. I think it’s worth noting that I received a few compliments from my friends who have noticed a change in my physique. Also, they’ve noticed that my face actually looks more filled in and not as bony. I used to have a hallowed out region below my cheeks, and when I smiled, it became even more pronounced. In the newest photo here, my face looks rounder, and with my smile I think the lines and empty cheeks are less noticeable. Who knew putting on 20 lbs of muscle could alter your facial features ? Bony To Beastly - 12 weeks - Skinny Muscle SideAs I mentioned above, here I think you can see the improved size in my shoulders. Also, you can see from this side view that despite gaining weight, over 20 lbs since when I first started , that my chest still has the same profile. I really hope I can get my chest to catch up to the rest ! What’s more important is the continue development of my glutes! I now have a man booty! All of those squats have finally paid off. From the goblet squats to the front squats in this phase (I’ve never done front squats before in my life, and was admittedly nervous thinking about doing them, but once again the training videos came through and guided me until I could do these in my sleep) I’ve definitely felt the back of my pants getting tighter and now the photos back it up. Not gonna lie, the gf loves the man booty too. Bony To Beastly - 12 weeks - Skinny Muscle Front double biceps Besides the scars on my knees from my moped accident, you can sort of make out the increase in size in my legs, calves, and lower extremities as well (err, maybe not, since I was wearing baggy shorts in my prior two photos) I think it’s funny too the progression of my confidence in my choice of shorts too. From when I first started, I didn’t want to show any extra skin due to embarrassment and chose the baggiest basketball shorts I had. Second phase, I’m feeling a bit better and wore shorter shorts but still nothing too revealing. And now here I am brimming with confidence wearing athletic compression shorts / underwear for heaven’s sake and letting the whole world see! haha! I swear this was unintentional and nothing I consciously was aware that I was doing until I looked at these photos now.

Things I learned from my latest 6 weeks with Bony To Beastly / my Skinny Transformation Project:

  •  TAKE ACTION: Pick a workout program, and jump in. Make a commitment! I highly recommend Bony To Beastly
  • Motivation can be a finicky thing. When you have it, try to hold on to it as long as you can. Motivation can keep you going through the grind and get you one step closer to your goal. When you have it, it’s a powerful force. If you happen to lose it, it can sap you of all your energy and severely detract you from your goals. When I lost my motivation for a few months, I lost 14 lbs. FOURTEEN hard lbs that I worked my ass off to gain.
  • If you put your mind into it, you can regain your motivation just like that — in a snap. Re-dedicate yourself to your goals. Go back to square one and really remind yourself of WHO you want to be, HOW you want your body to look and feel, and WHY.
  • Really focus on learning the fundamentals when you first start working out. Spend that extra time perfect your form on difficult compound exercises. Trust me, this will pay off. It’s a skill that you’ll learn for life. When I got back in to the swing of things, it felt like riding a bike as I was able to get back in to doing squats and deadlifts with good form because I had really practiced it from the get go.
  • Like I said, motivation is a key thing. When I got my ‘mojo’ / motivation back, I regained all that weight I lost, and then some. So despite being a skinny guy susceptible to the daily hazards that try to derail you from your goal and dreams, hard work, dedication, and the proper knowledge of how to gain weight, will get you back on track.
  • I really hate my stubborn chest. Here’s hoping the next phase of my skinny transformation will see some targeted chest growth.
  • When I first started, I told myself that if I ever reached 160 lbs I’d be ecstatic. Now that I’m getting closer to that 160 lb benchmark…I can’t help but think and feel that I can do even better that! Who knows, maybe next I’ll aim for 170, or 180 lbs! Crazy how a little success with transforming your skinny frame can lead to you hungry for bigger, better, loftier goals. Don’t ever stop dreaming. And always aim to get better!

24 thoughts on “Bony To Beastly Review: How to Gain 20 lbs of Muscle. Part 2.”

  1. You’re very inspirational, glad I have stumbled upon your blog. I started my journey at the start of 2012 and did well gaining 18lbs overall, 136lbs to 154lbs, but unfortunately 13lbs of that when I started university (too much drinking and poor diet). I am getting back into it now as I am doing tough mudder this year, so will be checking your blog for motivation.

    Awesome blog!

  2. Hi Albert,

    Great progress – you look so fit now. I’m just about to incorporate B2B in my weight program. Question: Did you follow the e-book strictly with only 3 x 1hr workouts per week and nothing extra? If you varied, even if it was a little bit with a change in number of reps/sets I’d be interested.



    1. Hey Matty! Thanks for the comment! Glad you’re about to start the program. You’ll see some good gains. At least for the first 3 phases I followed it about 90%. The only variance I did was sometimes going out of order — it all depended on how busy the gym was. I couldn’t always hog a bench and the squat rack at one time, for instance. So I did the exercises that were available, but I did do all of the ones for that day.

      My workouts more or less were around an hour, sometimes an hour and 15 minutes. I’d take a little bit extra bit of rest time in between sets if I needed it. I didn’t want to make myself sick and puke.

      The guys at B2B are good too about sometimes ‘customizing’ your workout plan. For instance there were some exercises I was having difficulty with, and they showed some alternatives to do. So it wasn’t straight out of the book per se.

      Let me know how you progress!

  3. Hey Albert, impressive transformation man! really impressing one! I wanted to know how much calories did u used to put on from day 1? And how much calories did u use to take before workout.

    I am 5’6″ and 105 lbs. According to BMR calculator, I burn 1400-1500 calories daily. So, I am thinking to put on 500 calories extra to gain mass, as this is what I have heard that one must eat 500 calories extra to gain weight. So, I m guessing to eat around 2000 calories daily to gain mass.

    Need your thoughts on this. Thanks

    1. Hey Rafay! Thanks for the comments!
      I started out at 128 lbs, and if I remember correctly I was eating maybe 2700-2800 calories to start. As I started to gain weight, my caloric requirement increased too. These days I’m eating about 3500 calories at 160 lbs.

      You’re right, starting out with an extra 500 calories on top of your daily maintenance should get you 1 lb increase by the end of the week. A simple way to monitor is, weigh yourself at the end of the week and if you’re not gaining any weight, add an extra 100 or so calories daily. That’s like an extra cup of yogurt, handful of nuts, etc per day.

  4. Hi Albert,

    great blog and impressive results. I’ve mainly been focusing on metcon (CrossFit etc…) excercises for the last year or so, and although it’s fun and boosts your endurance it’s NOT a great workout-routine for ectomorphs like us. So i’ve been searching for a replacement and came across your blog and B2B, doing some research on this program now and excited to start asap!

    One question though, are you also going to post reviews for phases 3 and 4? 🙂

    1. Hey Arni!

      THanks for checking out the blog! Have you started the program yet?
      Glad to hear you’re excited about it. I have many friends who’ve done CrossFit and have got into great shape from it…but as you know, it’s not as great for putting on weight for us skinny guys!

      I really should get a review up for phase 4! That will be on my to do list. In a nutshell, after completing all 4 phases of Bony To Beastly, I went from 128 lbs to 160 lbs which is where I am at now. Towards the end of the program, my clothes started to get realllyyyyyy tight. So I dropped down a bit and have been stable at 160 so I don’t have to totally purchase a new wardrobe! haha!

  5. Hey Albert! I’m contemplating getting this program soon, and I’m a college student. Since I am limited to what the cafeterias here give me, I’ve been wondering how flexible the meal plans are in B2B. Obviously certain supplements will have to be bought, but are the normal meal foods specified with no exceptions? Or are there just general guidelines for what types of foods to eat with emphasized suggestions? Thanks for your advice!

    1. Hey Austin ! Thanks for checking out the blog!
      In the program, they teach you all about nutrition and what your daily goals should be. They have a large recipe book that you can cook on your own from. So there isn’t a set list of foods and meals you “have” to eat, rather, you’ll gain the knowledge and hopefully the ability to be able to cook for yourself, or if you go out to eat at a restaurant or cafeteria, know what kind of foods to choose from.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Hi Albert,

    I am from Europe > Czech Republic and your list number 3. made me laugh so hard 🙂

    === Vacationing in Europe. This would actually be a great example of how to LOSE 30 lbs. The meals and portion sizes there are smaller and more expensive. Elevators and escalators are foreign. Two feet and a heartbeat is the most common form of transportation. Staying in tiny hotel rooms without American style guest gyms to use. Once again, more convenient reasons to not eat, workout, and get huge.===

    I had the good luck to meet several Americans here in past few years and most of them in some variations said the same 😉
    I from personal experience do not use elevators / escalators in order to “daily improve my health” small bits but still something. These days I get in my legs 1.000 stair steps a day.

    ANYWAY … I bought B2B program, new member for like a week or so:

    Only after that I found your blog, sry would have used your link otherwise but as a “post-review” your blog posts part 1 + 2 convinced me to really hit the gym and doing the program properly. Your photos are great.

    I could argue though with that CrossFit is not good to put on weight for ectomorphs, sort of. Yes I do believe that strength focused excercises are better and faster but here is my part: I never EVER worked out before and if you follow a proper meal plan you can get nice results if you workout hard in good form, My body needs crazy 3.700 calories / day doing nothing !!! 3.700 me just sitting in office (IT guy) on sofa, in train, in tram, at home at front of my PC in pub. So I do eat about 4.5000 to 5.000 calories per day to “fuel” my body and muscles after CF trainings where I do like 200 burpees, 100 goblet squats, sit ups and pushups inside 40 minutes 🙂
    So yes, I gained 4kgs = 8.8 pounds in last 5 weeks only with CF, I lost 3cm of my belly in waist area and basically gained about 1 to 2 cms around shoulders, chest, hips, thighs 3cms around and calfs 2cms. Courious what B2B is gonna do 🙂

    Anyway, looking forward man when you publish online PHASE 3 !
    Hope any time soon 😉

  7. Hi Albert,

    I stumbled across your page while trying to figure out how my skinny genes can be combated and your blog has been such a motivating read.

    I’m really molested by the progress, only 6 weeks and you were able to gain visible results. Gives me hope that might be able to achieve some kind of improvement.

    Hope you update with more results soon!
    P.s. How’s your chest going? I’m having trouble in that area too!

    1. Hey Tyler! Thanks for the comment! How’s your progress going? I’ve been in a holding patter for several months now as life has been super busy. I’m starting back at Phase 3 now and hoping to put on another 10 -15 lbs.

  8. Hey Albert,

    This is the fourth time I have visited this website and the first time I have seen your transformation page. It’s quite impressive!
    I have been regular at the gym for a year now and before that I always maintained a very fit lifestyle. Unfortunately, I am an ectomorph and find it extremely hard to pack on healthy weight no matter how hard I eat or workout. Would you suggest this program to me, 197$ is a lot of money.

    1. Hey Karan! Good to hear from you!
      The program was really good in that it broke down basically step by step exactly what I needed to do to gain weight. It’s all in one source too, so I didn’t have to try to get the same information from multiple sources and try to figure out if what I was doing was correct. The cash is a lot of money, but it was the best investment I could have put my time and effort in to doing. It helps that they have a guarantee too if you purchase it and you think it won’t work for you.

  9. Hey Albert, My name is Joe. Just wanted to say thanks for making this blog and sharing your bony to beastly journey. Because of it I am strongly considering doing it myself. Just need to get a few things straight then, Lord willing ill

  10. Hey Albert, just wanted to say your progress really was something awesome.

    I had a couple questions about the program

    1) What did you do for warmups?

    2) What weights did you start with for the phase 1 exercises? I think you said 25 on the dumbbells…is that for both rows and bench presses?

    3) How did you deal with failure, meaning not being able to complete the reps required. Did you just try again next week or did you extend the 5 week program an extra day?

    I’m looking to start the program and these were some of the things I did not see addressed in the eBook.


    1. Hi Sheebs!

      1) At the beginning of the B2B program in Phase 1, they did recommend a few body weight warmup sets to get the body loose and warmed up. At the beginning, I basically did a few sets of squats, lunges, etc just under body weight. As the program progressed through the phases, I ended up doing other dynamic stretches that were actually prescribed to me by my physical therapist because I was having some knee pains.

      2) Everybody is a little bit different but for your starting weight, you should probably choose a weight so that when you do the reps, you could theoretically do 2-3 more before failure. I started out with super light weights to get my technique down pat, and depending on how difficult the weight was, I would go up incrementally the next week.

      3) If I wasn’t able to get the reps in, I would take a minute or two break after the set, and just make up the lost reps with a slightly lower weight. The next week, I would try the exercise again at the same weight and see if I could do all the reps in a week. I didn’t really extend the program or anything.

      4) If you already have the program, feel free to also pop in to the B2B member forums! Everyone’s really helpful there and you can also ask a bunch of questions and see what everyone else thinks.

      My advice also is just to jump in to the exercises! No one is going to be perfect on the first try, the important thing is to just start working out, eating big, following the program, and asking questions as you go along. When I first got the program, I felt like I had to know everything 100% before I actually started working out, and it inevitably just delayed me by a few weeks. It was basically lost time, when I could have been making gains. I guess that’s just the ‘perfectionist’ and ‘OCD’ side of me, hehe. Good luck to you and keep me updated on how you are doing!

  11. You’re honestly so cool. Really inspirational. I’m really insecure about my petite body & seeing your story motivates me!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =,)

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