Choosing Bony to Beastly for my Skinny Transformation Project

Where do you even begin when you’ve finally decided that you’re done with being a skinny guy, and want to gain weight? For my own skinny guy transformation project, I ultimately chose to sign up with Bony To Beastly, which is a workout plan, ebook, and online community all in one. I’ll get in to the reasons why in a little bit. Starting out, I knew that I needed guidance obviously, since I’ve never had sustained success in the past in terms of putting on muscle and keeping it on! The choices out there are numerous.

I thought about trying to build my own skinny guy workout plan by devouring through the many resources out there, such as health and fitness magazines, websites, and youtube videos. I soon found out that there’s SO much info out there, I started to feel swamped and drowning with different people’s opinion on how I can have success gaining weight with my skinny transformation project. Plus, I did that for years in the past and didn’t get far. I needed a new direction…

Choosing Bony To Beastly for my Skinny Transformation Project

3 Reasons why I’m going with Bony To Beastly for my Skinny Transformation Project

#1. Developed by skinny guys, for skinny guys, with real skinny transformation results

It seems like all the advice out there is written by big muscular dudes, for other big muscular dudes. I wanted to find a workout plan that would work specifically for me, a skinny guy. I’ve tried doing crazy supersets and drop sets and blasting my biceps and chest from eighty different angles, but it seems like all that stuff is more the guys who are already muscular and looking to fine tune their musculature.

Bony to Beastly for Skinny Transformation Project
Shane’s weight gain. From the Bony To Beastly website.

Enter the Bony to Beastly guys. I was trying my hardest to find real success stories and examples of skinny guys such as myself, transforming their lives and bodies and sculpting a muscular body to die for. Google led me to stumble upon their website, and after reading their introduction and progress I wanted to know how they were doing it. I mean, they were gaining 20, 30, 40 lbs in a matter of months! Everywhere I read, people and bodybuilders were saying you’d be lucky if you could put on 15-20 pounds in a year.

And to top it off, with Bony to Beastly, they weren’t cheating or using sketchy supplements. By focusing on the fundamentals, compound movements, a strong diet, and safe, proven supplements, it’s the ultimate example of skinny transformation stories.

#2. Really easy bulking recipes and nutrition advice

Beyond just the advice in how and what exercises to do, there’s also a huge section on how to feed your body to supply it the building blocks needed to gain weight. This part was big for me when I was deciding on a workout program to invest in. I’ve never been big into cooking before. I spent most of my college years ordering pizza, going out to eat, or feasting on cafeteria food. Hardly the ideal nutrition plan for good skinny transformation plans. I’m actually quite the beginner in the kitchen.

Trying to find out nutrition information on the internet was also an exercise that had me overwhelmed and looking for a lifesaver. Should I focus on high protein low carb diets? “Eat more!”? Forget about trying to clean bulk and supplement with greasy burgers? When should I eat? How often? What supplements? Drinking one gallon of milk a day? Ay, carumba!

I’m looking forward to going through their cookbook because it looks packed with easy to make and nutritious foods such as stews, chili, and homemade protein bars! It’s like real food for real people. It looks like I’ll even be able to have dinner with my girlfriend and she won’t think I’m a freak eating crazy and weird foods.

#3. An online community to keep me on track

I love this idea…A LOT. They’ve got an online forum where they ask you to check in regularly. To me, it’s quite similar to the approach that Weight Watchers uses to help people lose weight. In my medical practice, I highly recommend Weight Watchers because they keep people accountable. Things start to de-rail if you don’t have someone or something pushing you to have success. In a way, I think the forums will help me because I’ll have to regularly check in. I’ll feel more inclined to eat more, workout on the schedule, and gain weight because actually, I don’t want to check in and be the only guy not gaining weight when everyone else is.

Plus, it looks like there’s a really big sense of community and togetherness. Everyone else is a skinny guy in the same boat with you, each embarking on their own “skinny transformation projects”. I find that with the help of other people, you’re more likely to reach your goals than if you’re flying solo.

Want to learn more about Bony to Beastly? Check them out here, they’ve got lots of great info on their blog!

As I read through their ebook workout program and do their workouts, I’ll post my progress and keep you updated on my Skinny Transformation Project. I’ll also try to do a review for each of the Bony To Beastly phases as well, so you can find out if this is the program for you.

So my question to you guys is, what workout programs have you tried before or are working on now? What kind of success have you had? Leave your comments below!


— Albert

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