Bony To Beastly Review: How I gained 23 lbs in 6.5 weeks

A Bony To Beastly Review: How I Gained Over 20 lbs of muscle in 6 1/2 Weeks

Part 1, Phase 1: Bony To Beastly Review

I hope this headline got your attention. It may sound like a tacky late night infomercial, but yes, I actually gained 23 lbs of muscle in 6.5 weeks. This will be a Bony to Beastly review of its first phase. I’ll end up writing a four-part review (one part for each Bony to Beastly phase), showing you my progress and thoughts overall about how I’m progressing as a skinny guy trying to put on weight.

The entire Bony To Beastly program is divided into 4 “Phases”, with each phase lasting 5 weeks. The first phase which I completed focuses on the basics: teaching fundamentals in weight gain, eating the proper foods to get beastly, and focusing on form and function.

It focuses on strengthening your weak areas that typical skinny guys such as myself have. I started out with a less than ideal posture, with rounded shoulders, and weaker back muscles. I had limited hip mobility due to imbalanced leg and glute muscles.

So in this first phase, I wasn’t jumping straight into the deep end and doing monster squats or barbell bench presses right away. This was contrary to everything I’d learn over the years — that I had to focus on lifting heavy weights all the time with massive compound lifts. And it all made sense, after reading the Bony To Beastly ebook.

Tale of the Tape

Let’s get down to the measurements. Over the past 6.5 weeks I basically saw a gain in all my core measurements.

BMI: 18.3 to 22.3
Body fat: 6 1/4% to 8 3/4%
Right Biceps: 11.5″ to 12 3/4″
Left Biceps: 11 1/4″ to 12 3/8″
Right thigh: 19 3/4″ to 22 1/4″
Left thigh: 18 3/4″ to 20 3/4″
Shoulders: 43″ to 47″
Chest: 35 1/8″ to 38″
Belly button: 30 1/4″ to 32 3/8″
Hips: 35 1/4″ to 36 3/8″
Neck: 14 1/4″ to 15 1/8″
Right calf: 12 3/4″ to 13 1/4″
Left calf: 12 3/4″ to 13 1/2″

Before and After Photos

Bony To Beastly Review: How I gained 23 lbs in 6.5 weeks
23 lbs in 6.5 weeks with Phase 1 of Bony To Beastly. Don’t I look much happier with the gained weight?


Bony To Beastly Review: How I gained 23 lbs in 6.5 weeks
My booty got more shape. And loving the increased size and definition in the back!

I started to feel my pants tightening up a bit after this phase as I didn’t have to put my belt on its tightest ring. My pants were tighter around the thighs and butt, and as you can see in the photo above, my glutes definitely have a bit more roundness and shape to them!

The exercises in this phase that really helped with the glutes and hamstrings this phase were the mid-shin rack pulls and body weight split squats and dumbell squats. I went really light weight on these (especially since my body weight was kind of low to begin with) but nevertheless still felt a great workout with the appropriate muscles being targeted.

Bony To Beastly Review: How I gained 23 lbs in 6.5 weeks
My arms aren’t as girly anymore. Not yet canon ball arms, but hopefully getting there!

Now this photo here actually shocked me. I had a significant growth in my biceps after this first phase of Bony To Beastly. From the tale of the tape, my right biceps grew over an inch!

This was a pleasant surprise because in all my years past, I never experienced arm growth like this. The most I ever had was maybe 1/4″.  And all of this happened doing literally only 2 sets of cable curls a week. To think of all the time I’ve wasted in the past reading about crazy arm workouts in fitness magazines, trying supersets and drop sets and pyramids until my arms fell off.

How’d they grow without arm specific exercises? I did end up putting on quite a bit of weight overall, so my arms were forced to grow regardless I guess. But with this phase, there were many compound exercises that involved the arms indirectly. My arms probably received the most benefit from doing the cable rows (which also targeted my core strength and back muscles…bonus!)

Bony To Beastly Review: How I gained 23 lbs in 6.5 weeks
Seriously can’t believe how starved I looked before starting Bony To Beastly.

Eating to to Gain Weight, and not like a skinny guy

As I mentioned before in my 2 week Bony To Beastly progress update, I had a little bit of a transition period to get used to eating more food and more calories. After actually tracking how many calories I ate before starting my workout plan, I realized that I didn’t really eat all that much. I would have maybe one “bigger” meal sandwiched around 2 smaller meals. And if I skipped out on breakfast in the name of getting to work on time, my caloric intake was even more paltry. Like maybe 1600 calories a day paltry.

So did I have to eat every 2 hours on the dot around the clock? Was I stuffing my face with fast foods and burgers and fries? No, not really. Let’s take a look…

Here is a sample meal day. This was a sample meal plan from one of the days during the first 2 weeks.

Muscle gain meal plan

This was near the beginning when I had some left over weight gainer protein powder left over from prior failed attempts at gaining weight. I figured I should use it up so I didn’t waste it. Each serving definitely had a sizable calorie count to it, but also it had a lot of carbs as well. I didn’t go all anti-carb for the rest of this phase, but once I ran out of the weight gainer, I switched over to a high quality whey protein.

This was a workout day, so under supplements, it’s the total number of calories from all of my pre, peri, and post workout shakes.

I tried to make my breakfast shake higher calorie to give a good start to the day. Besides that, I had pretty regular meals for lunch and dinner. On other days, I would have take out or maybe Subway / Jimmy John’s if I didn’t have time to prepare something for work. For dinner, I’d often eat with my girlfriend. So that usually meant a protein entree (meat, pork, beef, chicken) with veggies.

Olive oil became a good friend of mine, as I often added a shot or two to my breakfast shake or pre-bedtime shake. If I started getting desperate to reach my daily goal, I’d do a shot of it plain! (Tastes kinda like cardboard, but once you get used to it, it gets the job done!)

Things I think about Phase 1 Bony To Beastly:

  • I love my new improved posture. Besides being more physically appealing, the posture has helped lessen my “chronic” pains. I’m like you in that I often spend a lot of time in front of my computer or sometimes on the sofa.  With development of my postural muscles, I find that I have less random muscle aches and spams in my back and trapezius muscles. 
  • I appreciate the focus on the fundamentals of this first Bony To Beastly phase. It was like building the foundation for a strong house to be built on top of later. I felt a bit intimidated and nervous if I had to jump in to the intense full body exercises, but by starting out with the basics, such as doing mid shin rack pulls instead of full barbell deadlifts, I was able to improve my form for each exercise so that I can get maximal benefit and minimal risk of injury.
  • I have a love-hate relationship with the IYT exercises. Basically these are killer exercises to strengthen and balance your shoulder and scapular muscles. I hate them because I do them with extremely light weights (like, 5 lbs!) and by the end of the sets I feel like crying like a girl from the crazy burn! But I love them because they’ve helped round out and add volume to my shoulders especially on the posterior side.
  • I have a new found appreciation for core exercises. I’ll admit it, I’ve NEVER done any ab or core exercises before because, well, when you’re so skinny your abs just naturally show. So I never worked on them. But here Bony To Beastly had me doing core specific exercises and they were TOUGH! I was sorely incorrect in assuming that since I have visible abs, that my abs would actually be strong….NOT. Even trying to hold my body in a plank position for 5 seconds in the beginning was difficult.
  • I feel more confident. And happy. You can see in my “before Bony To Beastly” photos that I wasn’t really smiling. I didn’t even notice until I took my after photos that I looked (and feel) so much better. At the beginning, I went to the gym with oversized and baggy shirts because I actually felt a bit embarrassed that people would see how skinny I was. Now, the same baggy shirts fit much more nicely on my frame, and I’ve even opted to go with some cut off shirts when I go to the gym so I don’t roast in my cotton t shirts!
  • Now what’s a Bony To Beastly review without things that I didn’t care for or felt needed to be improved? Honestly, I’m having difficulty thinking of areas of improvement for the first phase of Bony To Beastly. How can I when I’ve had so much success in such a short amount of time?
  • I’m going to be really nitpicky here. I loved the instructional videos on their community forum showing exactly how to perform exercises with the correct form. The first week of Phase 1 though, with the exercises still being relatively new to me, I wish I had a way to access these videos on my phone while I was in the gym. There were a few moments where I was unsure if I was doing something correctly, and trying to access the video on my smart phone was a bit cumbersome.
  • No biggie here either, but I got a little bit lost trying to locate all the workout material in pdf file format once I logged in to the Members section. Nothing a quick question to the guys couldn’t fix as they pointed me in the right direction from the get go.
  • I’ll repeat myself again, I’m really happy with my gains so far with the first few weeks of the Bony To Beastly program and ebook. I hope that my progress will inspire and motivate you to continue on with your own skinny guy transformation journey.
  • If you haven’t yet, the link here and at the top of this post will bring you to the Bony To Beastly program. Check them out. There’s a ton of great useful information to get you started on your weight gain transformation. For full disclosure, if you end up purchasing their program after clicking the link, I get a small commission – just a bit enough to buy me some fruit and porkchops to eat for the week! Thanks!

Be sure to come back for more reviews as I progress through the workout program!


33 thoughts on “A Bony To Beastly Review: How I Gained Over 20 lbs of muscle in 6 1/2 Weeks”

  1. Chris Pubillones

    I’m about to start Bony to Beastly, and I was curious. What was that meal tracking app you pictured? I’ve been trying to find a good one, but I’m unsure which one will be the best since most are focused on losing weight. Besides that, congratulations on your gains, and I can’t wait to experience them myself.

    1. Hey Chris! Thanks man! I use myfitnesspal. So you can use that on your cell phone, ipad, or just through their website. You can customize your daily goal caloric intake so that you will have a net gain instead of loss. Keep me updated on your progress! When are you officially starting? What are your goals? Albert

      1. Chris Pubillones

        Thanks so much! I’ll be officially starting next week, if I can get a good gym lined up. Pretty much, I just need to get rid of the flesh and bones look. By the end, I want to gain at least 30 lb of lean muscle and put myself in the 150 to 160 range.

  2. Even an idiot could see that you’re a part of their group, and that this website was planned from the beginning to endorse the main site.

    1. Hey Agent! Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope this site doesn’t offend you — most importantly I’ve never hid the fact that I do get some small amount of commission from Bony To Beastly if one of my readers ends up trying the program. Do you want to know how much I get? Well, it’s probably enough for a movie at the theater. Or a small bottle of creatine. So, I’m not getting filthy rich on this and preying on unsuspecting souls, haha. I have disclaimers on the bottom of my site to make this clear to everyone. And just to clarify, I’m not a part of their “group”, in fact, I’ve never met the guys in person nor have I even talked with them on the phone or anything. I was just a skinny guy who happened to stumble upon their site in their early stages (I was one of their “beta” testers). I had great results, and I documented my results, and shared it on the internet. I believe in their product and am willing to put my name out there to recommend them. They put a lot of work into researching scientific studies, and to explain concepts about diet, exercise, and nutrition, specifically in how it relates to a true ectomorph or skinny guy. I’ve never been able to consistently gain muscle mass (and keep it on) until learning the concepts and theories presented by Bony To Beastly. Can you find this information elsewhere? Probably, somewhere. Maybe you have to pay to work with a athletic trainer. Or pay for some personalized workout plan from a specialist at the gym. Or maybe you can take your chance on the forums and do one of the many workouts posted. But I believe there is good value in paying a fair price to have all of this information including all aspects of training, exercise, and nutrition in one easy to access location and have all of the information geared to skinny guys. Heck, over the years when I was a teenager and in college, I spent way more money on “health magazines” looking for the next newest tip or trick to gain an inch on my biceps. The Bony to Beastly program is just another resource for information for people wanting to gain weight. If you take offence with any of this, no one is twisting your arm to try their program. Let me know if you have any specific questions or concerns and I’ll do my best to respond. Thanks and have a great day! — Albert

  3. Hey, I have been looking into doing the boney to beastly program, though I’m very interested in it I am also extremely hesitant in purchasing this. though I know a lot of work went into this I don’t feel that its worth the amount of money they are asking for, though they do guarantee 100% money back if your not seeing results you cant ever really trust that , I’m asking you from one skinny guy to another is this REALLY worth the money.

    1. Hey there! I know there’s so much info you can find on the internet for free. I really appreciated the program because it spelled out EXACTLY which exercises to do, how to do them properly, and what to focus on in terms of nutrition. They’re trustworthy guys and I would not worry about not getting your money back if you’re not satisfied. Last I checked, there were a couple hundred guys on there in the program, most of all of them making progress if they were sticking to it! Hope this helps!

  4. Hi Albert, I’m a skinny med student and I’m thinking about starting this program. But it is a lot of money and you know how internet works, they can steal your money and you won’t notice. So if you can send me one or two pictures of the pdf document proving that this is real I would be very grateful. And I want you to ask a question as a doctor: Do these guys of the bonytobeastly website know about what they do? I mean there are a lot of medical issues involved in nutrition, exercises , what do you think? Thank you.

    1. Hey Michael! Thanks for checking out the program! I believe you can get a free chapter out of their program when you sign up for their newsletter, you can try that or just send an email to them, they’ll get you that free chapter for sure. Marco is a certified trainer so he definitely knows his stuff in terms of exercise physiology et al. When I first read through their program, everything in terms of knowledge stuff checked out and nothing was falsely stated. They really do put a lot of work into the program, they pull information and read studies from various sports medicine / phys journals.

      There have been a few instances when members joined the program and had underlying medical issues such as diabetes, and they never out outreached their boundaries and always advised them to check with their doctor first for any specific health related questions. THe program, in my opinion, would be safe to do for someone who is healthy without any underlying medical issues.

      Hope this helps!

  5. Great article!
    It was very interesting to see your transformation!
    I wonder, what is your workout?
    I can’t really afford the Bony to beastly program so I am hoping you could share your workout and tips on how I could do the same transformation you did.
    Thank you!

    1. Hey Tony!
      These days, my workouts consist and focus a lot on compound exercises such as deadlift, squats, bench pressing, and shoulder workouts.

      The beginning part of the B2B program really focuses on improving your posture and developing muscle strength in core strength too to help you with all the other lifts. These exercises included body weight squats and IYTs. You can google or search on youtube for some of this too if you want.

  6. Hey Albert
    Great job on the results you’ve gotten
    what is your current weight now?
    I am curious though what was your calorie intake 5 weeks into your training program?

    in order to gain muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus each day, how many calories over your required daily amount were you?

    myself i’m currently 152lbs, 5ft 8″, 12% Bf
    taking in 3200 cals per day
    protein 200g
    carbs 300-350g
    fats 95-110g
    80% clean eating


  7. Hi Albert, I am extremely interested in starting the Bony to Beastly program. I am the typical ectomorph and sick of it!
    I have a bench press w/ barbell, 2x adjustable dumbbells and a preacher bench.
    Is it possible for me to get beastly at home??
    If it is then I will definitely buy the program.
    Thanks for your help, congratulations on what you look like now!


    1. Hey Harry, my fellow ecto! Happy to hear that you’re ready for a change. It’s gonna happen with dedication!
      What you have, can definitely get you started to make some gains. You’ll probably be able to put on some weight and increase strength… at some point, you may want to consider investing in a gym membership to maximize your results. I’m pretty sure there was an article about building your own home gym on the Bony to Beastly webpage, take a look around. Also I’m pretty sure if you get the program, the guys there can guide you and give advice on how to get beastlier with your current equipment.
      Let me know how things go!

      1. Hi Albert, thanks for this.
        I don’t really have any gyms close to where I live, but I could invest in more weightlifting equipment.
        I’ll give it a try and see how I go, thanks very much for the inspiration.
        See you on the other side! 😉


  8. Are you sure at 128 lbs you needed 3600 calories?
    Even if you trained daily for 3 hours this would still sound too much and I remember on a video Shane saying 18-20 calories per lb of bodyweight are required to gain weight so I was wondering how did you end up with that unbelievable amount of calories. Is that from a calculator or tab they have in the program?


    1. Hey Leo! I didn’t start out with 3600 calories right away when I was 128 lbs. I was taking in closer to 3000 when I first started.

    1. Hey Robert! You’ll need a computer to download the program and watch the training videos. I don’t actually bring a phone or laptop with me when I go to the gym lol.

  9. Hey Albert! I was just reading your site and I am very motivated to start working out again! I am 17 and unfortunatly, 105 pounds and I am 6 ft. I am soo sick of how I look. I was looking at your transformation pictures and that just amazed me. Can you please just tell me a few tips here and there for how you got to that point with the weight gain? It would mean a lot to me!

    Thank you,

    1. Hey Daniel! Thanks for reaching out!
      That was just how I felt too before I started my journey. I was just sick of always being skinny, and always trying new things and never getting any results. One thing that I did was I started tracking every single calorie I ate throughout the day. It turns out that I always thought I ate a lot, but when I actually counted it out to the dot, it was never enough to sustain any prolonged weight gain. So I’d start there, download a calorie counting app for your smartphone. I used Myfitnesspal. Do a whole week of counting your calories. Then you’ll need to eat about 500 calories on top of your daily average calories per day, and theoretically by the end of the week you would have gained about a lb, if you’re also working out. Let me know how things go!

  10. Hey Albert congrats on your awesome transformation.. My question is i do not intend to buy any weight gain powder or supplement while doing this program. I also have trained for two years.Can I still make the kind of gains that you have made if I follow the program..

    1. Hey Bruce! I found that the protein powders certainly helped me reach my caloric goals a lot easier. Sometimes it’s nice and easy to make a shake and drink it down and get in an extra 600-700 calories. The alternative was that I would have to make another meal to get those same calories, which would take more planning and timing.

      So you probably don’t NEED to take protein shakes, but it makes life a lot easier.

  11. I think I found him working for B2B. I can’t post images here, but if you go onto their sign up page, at the top there is the cover of ‘muscle-building recipes’ with him clearly in it.

  12. Hey Albert,

    Don’t know if you still check this but I just started out the program and really excited about it. Only thing is I’m having trouble picking out meals and knowing what to eat, basically just eating the same things. Have any ideas or suggestions for meal plans that you used during your first phase? Also since there is three days did you work out every other day and just chow down a lot on off days? Thanks for your time!


    1. Hey Chris! Sorry for the lateeeeeeeeeeeeeee reply. Picking out meals was definitely one of the biggest struggles I had. Especially since my wife and I love to have meals together, and with a demanding work schedule, sometimes we just had to put something together quick. I depended a lot on protein shakes to get the ‘extra’ calories in to meet my target. Your question seems to be quite a popular one though, so I think I’ll have to really blog and post up some of my sample meals!

  13. Im interested in starting this program B2B right away so i can get muscle and especially abs. Are the supplements you use legit like mass gainer and whey protein needed or should I go all natural? I see it takes like 6 weeks for you to gain that much muscle and weight. Im tracking calories also too like 2100 a day.

    1. Hey there Abdihakim! You don’t HAVE to use any supplements, because that’s what they are…”supplements”. You should first and foremost focus on fine tuning your regular diet to focus on healthy foods and natural sources of protein to meet your caloric goal for the day. Products like whey protein are more so for convenience as you can quickly drink a 500 calorie shake with 30-40g of protein in a minute or two, rather than preparing a full meal and taking 30 minutes to eat it. The shakes are also great for before and after your workout as it is absorbed quicker into your bloodstream. Also, word about ‘mass gainers’ — it’s probably better to just focus on a high quality whey protein and you can add extra olive oil, fruit, peanut butter, etc into your shake to get extra calories in. Many ‘mass gainers’ will have extra carbs and other ingredients to pump up the calories and its probably better you just add that stuff in yourself. Good luck!

  14. Hey Albert,

    You acctually brought me to B2B and after 8 month ( I know its longer than the normal program but i was on and off due to exams) I accomplished my goal and gained 22 lbs!!

    Thanks a lot man!!

    ( Gonna post my progress on the forum today or tomorrow check it out 😉 My name is @ Bamos

    1. Hey Paul! Wow, congrats on your accomplishments! I haven’t logged in to the forums lately but I’ll have to check out your thread! Good work!

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