My 2 Week Skinny Transformation Progress with Bony to Beastly ebook

Skinny transformation progress after 2 weeks of Bony to Beastly

I’m really excited to update everyone on my progress so far. As you know, I’ve officially launched my quest to gain weight,  I’ve dubbed The Skinny Transformation Project. I’ve already also picked out a workout program, and went through and read the Bony To Beastly ebook.

I had a first “preworkout” the day before I officially started the Bony to Beastly program. I did this the day I signed up for a gym membership. All I wanted was to establish a baseline of where I started so I can look back in the future just to see how far I’ve come, strength wise.

Boy, I realized that I’m starting out not just skinny but really weak as well. I tried to do a set of pull ups. Back in college,  even though I was never really muscular, I still had some moderate strength gains despite my skinny frame. I used to be able to do sets of pull ups with a 45 lb plate on a belt. This time, my arms were quivering and back shaking as I struggled to pull myself up even for three reps. Sad. Same thing for pushups. It was an unsteady struggle to get 5 reps of pushups while in the past, sets of 10, 15, or 20 pushups could be cranked out with ease.

So this was my wake up call – but at least after reading the Bony To Beastly ebook, I have hope and motivation, and most of all, the knowledge to start transforming my skinny self.

The first week with Bony To Beastly

I started out with one week of mentally and preparing myself to officially go “all in” on the Bony To Beastly workout program. During that week, I was slowly increasing my caloric intake for a week and a half before I started working out (while I was waiting for all my supplements to arrive in the mail, and as I was shopping around looking for the right gym to join, etc). I thought I was eating a lot, but after discovering the very useful app called Myfitnesspal, I was only eating about 2200 cals per day! No wonder why I’ve never really gained weight in the past.

My first Bony To Beastly workout was tough, but satisfying. I really loved having a plan and guide to follow. In years past, I would just go to the gym, and think of exercises to do on the spontaneously, and do it. Then I’d call it a day after breaking a little sweat. I never really had a game plan. Once in a while I’d dedicate “chest days” or “arm days”, but nothing as guided as Bony to Beastly. I think I’ll do really well with goals and specific workouts outlined for me to follow. I started off really light with the weights, trying to focus on form and technique. For example, with the dumbbell press..I went SUPER light, like 25lb dumbbells light, and that was still a great workout. Definitely felt the appropriate muscles being worked. It’s a far cry from back in the day when I was “bench pressing” 60 lb dumbbells with poor form. I’m totally putting all my ego aside now to get it right this time!

The last half of week 1 of Bony To Beastly had me finally reaching my daily caloric goals  of 3400 cals per day…and boy, it is tough. At the end of the day, I feel like I ran a marathon trying to get all my meals in. Especially when I’m at work for 10-12 hours a day. Luckily, when I’m at the hospital, there’s lots of milk cartons, yogurt, fruit, and hard boiled eggs I can grab out of the refrigerators for free. The most difficult thing was consuming the preworkout, workout, and post workout shake the day of my workout…that was a lot of shakes for one day!

Results of first week of Bony To Beastly:

Week 0 –> Week 1
Weight: 133 lbs –> 138 lbs
Biceps: 11.5″ –> 11 3/4″
Shoulders: 43″ –> 44 1/4″
Chest: 35 1/8″ –> 35 3/4″
Thighs: 19 3/4″ –> 20 3/8″
Body fat: 6 1/4% –> 6 3/4%

Five pounds in just one week! I was super excited. I knew that the five pounds likely represented water weight or just more food in my stomach. Nevertheless, seeing the scale move in the positive direction had me so optimistic that this time I could actually gain weight. It’s a great feeling.

The second week with Bony To Beastly

The second week, I finally started to get into the routine: the daily eating, going to the gym and not skipping a workout even after a long days’ work. My body wasn’t used to all this eating, so during the first week I was actually constantly bloated and feeling full all the time, and passing gas like a fiend! The second week, things started calming down as I got used to things.

I also started to see a small physical difference as well. I felt that my shoulders were getting just a little bit more wide. I became slightly obsessed with checking my weight on a daily basis, basically not going to bed until my weight was the same as it was the day before, or more.

By the end of just my second week with Bony To Beastly, I weighed 141.8 lbs  on a full stomach (an almost 9 lb increase from week 0!)

I couldn’t resist but to take photos after the second week just to see if there was any difference, or if the scale was lying to me. Here are some of my 2 week progress photos:

Skinny transformation progress after 2 weeks of Bony to Beastly
I can’t believe it, actually some visible difference already after 2 weeks!

2 Week Progress with Bony To Beastly

Stay tuned for more weight gain progress updates and a Bony To Beastly review of its first phase when I’m done it!

5 thoughts on “My 2 Week Skinny Transformation Progress with Bony to Beastly ebook”

  1. Hi, Albert I see that everyone strarting out is around the 130lbs range. I’m 5’11 and roughly 115lbs do you think this will give me a different result? I am planning to try this bony to beastly plan.

    1. Hey David! Good to hear from you. I think you’re going to do just fine with the program. Just remember that everyone makes gains at different rates. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not gaining as quickly as others, think of it as more of a long race and not a sprint!

  2. Hi, Albert is there anyway you could give me some advice on diet. At the moment I don’t really have the money for gym, but I would love to get my diet in check and do some core excercises to get me in good shape to take on a huge challenge like this. Once I have the money to go gym and pay for Bony to Beastly I certainly will. I’m not looking for all the secrets for free just a few pointers and a conversation wit h a guy who’s succeeding

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