I’m Skinny and Want to Gain Weight: The Beginning

My name is Albert. I’m 28 years old. I grew up in Windsor, ON, Canada, but now I’m a young physician working in a hospital in Milwaukee, WI, USA. Since you found my blog, I probably share something in common with you. I want to gain weight. Alright, let’s all repeat after me…

“I’m skinny, and I want to gain weight!”

I’ve been interested in health and fitness ever since I was in high school.  I remember being in phys ed class when I was 16, I was 128 lbs soaking wet, and having to go in to the weight room. We had an introduction to the weights and had to try the bench press. There were other bigger guys bench pressing the barbell with 45 lb plates on them (obviously, they were on the football team). Then I step up and try to do the barbell, by itself, without any extra weight, and what proceeded to happen was the most wobbly, ineffective bench press in the history of mankind. I struggled to do even one rep and almost needed help getting it back on the rack! It was then and there: I had several friends who were also skinny and we decided that we were fed up and decided we wanted to gain weight and muscle.

We spent a better part of the next year trying to figure out how to gain weight. Pouring through “fitness” magazines, trying to read about workouts, and getting advice from the football players — it was all just a bad combination. We’d focus on trying to do dumbell curls to get big guns. We splurged and spent our chore money on the latest Fruit Punch flavored Cell-Tech supplements we’d see in the magazines. The total gain from all this? You guessed it, maybe 2 lbs!

We eventually got a little bit smarter through reading various articles. By the end of highschool and beginning of college, I’d say we even had a pretty decent workout regimen that tried to focus on compound lifts. But looking back at it, I bet my form was horrible and we were probably doing it all wrong anyways. I remember having my first taste of success which coincided with a dabble in creatine …I was so excited to put on my first 5 lbs and finally weigh 130lbs! My college years saw me eating a lot of fast food and a small amount of weight training. I don’t know how, but I ended up weighing about 150lbs at my heaviest.

2008. I'm about 140 lbs, and trying really hard to flex my abs!
2008. I’m about 140 lbs, and trying really hard to flex my abs (because it’s the only ‘muscle’ I remotely even had!

Then life hit, and I had to focus a lot of my time to school and studying to make it through medical school. I can tell you that I haven’t lifted a weight in probably 2.5 years now, which is embarrassing because I preach and ask my patients to go to the gym, be active, and workout, when in fact I hadn’t done so myself. I guess it was more, ‘do as I say not as I do’. My diet went down the drain. I was eating 2, maybe 3 meals if I was lucky. And I had been going out to eat a lot (it’s one of my girlfriend and mine’s hobbies, going out to new restaurants and such). And I won’t lie to you…I love fast food. McDonald’s, Chinese take out, greek food, fried food, poutine (if you don’t know what that is, it’s a favorite of many of us Canadians).

As many of you other skinny guys now, putting on weight is difficult, but keeping weight on is also difficult as well. Without working out, exercising, and having a good diet, my weight gradually decreased to the point where I’m at now. Back at the beginning you could say.

My current measurements are:

5’9 3/4″
128 lbs
Biceps: 11.5″
Thighs: Right 19 1/8″; left 19″
shoulders circumference: 44 3/8″
chest: 37″

Here are my current skinny guy photos!

I'm skinny and want to gain weight I'm skinny and want to gain weight
I'm skinny and want to gain weight I'm skinny and want to gain weight
I'm skinny and want to gain weight

Some challenges…

What are the barriers that might prevent me from gaining weight? Well, I have a few I can think of that’s probably not entirely unique to myself:

  • I work a lot. Anywhere from 40-80 hours a week.  How will I find the time to workout and have fun and work all at once?
  • I’m going to have to research and figure out what program to do to help me gain weight
  • My diet sucks, and I don’t really know how to cook
  • I don’t have gym access, so I’m going to have to figure out which gym to sign up for. Something that won’t break the bank!
  • I have a short attention span … I change radio stations a lot (bugs the crap out of my gf!). I hope I can taste some success before I lose motivation and interest!

My ultimate goal would be to be around 170 lbs with similar body fat composition. If I can make it up to 160 lbs, I’d still be more than happy. Now, more than ever, I’m determined to have success. I’m going all out on this one. I’m going to find a good program to help me gain weight and STICK with it! Are you in with me? How badly do YOU want to gain weight? Let’s do this!

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